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Welcome to FQGGCB starting 28 May 2024

 Welcome to FQGGCB:

FarmQuest Grocery Game Challenges Blog

Premise of the challenges are based on up to 10 grocery store aisles of products. These are food or food preparation items. A competition badge with the required 'theme' will be provided.

sample projects by owner/DT Becca S to preview #1 using Aisle 1 (odd) of produce content = (prior made for FQCB about 2 years ago, just for inspiration purposes)

and another from FQCB

and a final sample


Competitions are limited to an offset fortnight towards the end of the month to not quite midway of the following month.

examples: #1 = May 28 - June 13, 2024

#2 = June 28 - July 13, 2024

FQGGCB will be a complement competition to FQHSKCB with its anything food goes theme each month.

FarmQuest HomeStyle Kitchen Challenges Blog


FQGGCB Design Team to get us started =

owner/DT = Becca S.

DT = Lee Ann M.

occasional Guest DT = Deanne


look at the bottom of the blog page to preview the #1 competition theme (any of the odd aisles content)

#2 competition theme (any of the even aisles content)

and look at the sidebar for the 10 aisles of grocery store content that will always permanently stay the same.


Basic Participation Guidelines:

*competition dates are limited to 16-17 days that start at the end of a month and carry-over until almost midway of the following month

*competition start and end times will be 12am/midnight Central Time/Chicago or 6am UK; for other times zones around the world please calculate the difference

*participants can enter 3 new projects that fit the content of the challenge per competition

*participants are allowed to 'double-dip' (also share/link) at FQHSKCB when it is open at the same time as FQGGCB

*participants should include the blog competition badge in their personal posts

*participants are required to include a direct blog post or social media link to an account like Instagram

*projects can be paper, hybrid/mix, or digital 

*accepted formats are: cards, ATCs, tags/bookmarks, package toppers, gift bags, treat boxes, scrapbook layouts, journal pages or spreads, and TN pages or spreads

*bragging rights will be available:

<Tip-Top Shelf Pick Winner

<Top Shelf Impulse Picks (3 for 3-40 entries; 5 for 41-80 entries; etc.)


Come back on May 28 for the official first competition launch of

FarmQuest Grocery Game Challenges

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